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Standby Letter of Credit

Whether for yourself or your business, a Standby Letter of Credit can be used to secure a variety of transactions where a third-party guarantee of payment may replace a cash or bond deposit. It’s a strategically smart way to leverage the credit power of your portfolio. A Standby L/C is a guarantee to the beneficiary against defaults by the applicant in the performance of his commitment. It is often used in lieu of a performance guarantee; for example, to help another company obtain credit. For more information contact us.

A clean clear tradable Bank Instruments are available by a major international bank, assigned directly in your name. Provision of a Project, Commercial, Balance sheet and Credit Enhancement Bank Instrument, is assigned in personal or corporate name of the Applicant, as specified and agreed by Contract/Agreement. The Bank Instrument is made available as Enhancement Instrument only. Applicant may assign the rights to use the Instrument.

Transactions from a minimum amount of US$ or EUR 10.000.000 are acceptable immediately, subject to approval of the Applicant, availability of Applicant funds and on a first come first serve basis. We reserve the right to accept or reject all form of Documentation incomplete or unprofessional email communication. The above-mentioned details are for information purposes only and not to be considered a Solicitation of Funds or to Sell Securities or other commodities.

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