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Monetization of Bank Instrument

Clean clear tradable bank instruments are available by major international banks, assigned directly in your name. The provision of a project, commercial, balance sheet or credit enhancement bank instrument is assigned in the personal or corporate name of the applicant, as specified and agreed by the contract/agreement.

The bank instrument is made available as an enhancement instrument only.

The applicant/borrower may assign the rights to use the instrument (the ownership will not be transferred). However, the borrower is not permitted to sell or discount the instrument without written permission.

If the applicant/borrower wishes to do so, arrangements can be made with the banks in line with banking rules and regulations during any time of the validity of the bank instrument.

If the applicant/borrower will use the lent instrument as collateral, the borrower’s bank must undertake, by SWIFT, the irrevocable commitment to return the instrument unencumbered, free and clear of any debts or claim.

Bank instrument/collateral is offered in the form of a certificate of debt such as a medium term note (MTN), bank guarantee (BG), standby letter of credit (SBLC), bond or CD.

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