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Differed Payment of BG/SBLC and Purchase Program

This is a differed payment offer when purchasing BG/SBLC at a price of 115%, whereby you pay 15% within 5 days after receiving and validation of the instrument. Then, you pay the remaining 100% in ONE YEAR.

The advantage is obvious. You receive the Title and Bond Power already conveyed, transferred and registered in your favor, and hence, this is a true ownership suitable for outright monetization and/or private placement to finance large-scale projects.

However, here is the critical issue for us that you need to consider:

This being a purchase deal, you and your Funder/Monetizer as the Applicant must FIRST demonstrate to us that you have the required support of your bank or your monetizer’s bank to pay the initial 15% and the remaining 100% face value at the end of the year. Otherwise, you are required to return the instrument due to breach of contract.

Once Your Bank’s position is verified, the provider will then book the commitment to issue & deliver the BG/SBLC and then bring the provider’s Bank to the table to open a dialogue with your bank. Once the banks engage, only then are the SWIFT commitments by MT799 are exchanged that will trigger the delivery of the BG/SBLC via SWIFT 760.

Please note the following:

  • This opportunity will come only to serious buyers who are prepared to place a refundable security deposit. We cannot risk defaulting buyers by booking a commitment with the issuing bank.
  • The provider will not book a commitment and their banker will not engage until, we qualify you and your Funder/Monetizer for the transaction.
  • Please note also that in today’s banking climate, no professional banker will blindly send a Bank responsible SWIFT 799, without FIRST speaking with the counter party's bank. That Policy applies to Bankers on both sides both the issuing and the receiving Banks.
  • Our goal is to connect the 2 bankers in an innocuous manner, such as email or a phone call. Once the 2 bankers communicate and mutually VET the deal, we have a realistic business.

The minimum amount for purchasing BG/SBLC is US$/€100M and Maximum US$/€500M. The issuing bank is Deutsche Bank or other top 10 major banks.

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